We are Capvisory

We love innovators — the driving force of our economy

Capvisory Values

Full commitment from partners from start to finish of every process

Resilient network of investors and subject matter experts 
(e.g., legal, tax, auditing

We use modern, digital tools to create full transparency and increase efficiency

Deep understanding of digital business models and technology investments ("been there, done that")

We maintain humility, ensuring that our advisory services are approachable, relatable, and reasonable

Strong focus on selected services in specific sectors (we are no "jack of all trades")

At Capvisory, we thrive at the heart of the startup scene, passionately supporting innovators in their pivotal moments. We  don't just advise; we become an integral part of your journey, helping turn innovative visions into success stories.

In order to deliver our services successfully, we are strategically and operationally deeply involved. While we are streamlining the transaction process by front-loading a lot of the diligence and preparation, founders can focus more closely on actually running the company.

We see ourselves as a modern M&A boutique, leveraging digital tools and services across all areas to optimize efficiencies.

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